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Biology unit 2 aqa specification

biology unit 2 aqa specification

Additional guidance: Data may be given for unfamiliar contexts.
E) An allele that controls the development of characteristics only if the dominant allele is not present is a new concept english book 2 pdf recessive allele.
L) Human stem cells have the ability to develop into any kind of human cell.
Candidates should use their skills, knowledge and understanding to: explain why Mendel proposed the idea of separately inherited factors and why the importance of this discovery was not recognised until after his death.G) The type of cell division in which a cell divides to form gametes is called meiosis.C) Some characteristics are controlled by a single gene.B) The chromosomes contain the genetic information.Additional guidance: For Foundation Tier, knowledge of meiosis is restricted to where the process occurs and that gametes are produced by meiosis.This can be used to identify individuals in a process known as DNA fingerprinting.
D) Mitosis occurs during growth or to produce replacement cells.
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B) Polydactyly having extra fingers or toes is caused by a dominant allele of a gene and can therefore be passed on by only one parent who has the disorder.
Additional guidance: Attention is drawn to the potential sensitivity needed in teaching about inherited disorders.
It's here for reference only.
I) Each person (apart from identical twins) has unique DNA.More information, accept skip to content, this specification is no longer being taught or examined.Unit 1: Biology.M) Treatment with stem cells may be able to help conditions such as paralysis n) The cells of the offspring produced by asexual reproduction are produced by mitosis from the parental cells.For the current specification, see.F) Cells in reproductive organs testes and ovaries in humans divide to form gametes.Additional guidance: Candidates should understand that genetic diagrams are biological models which can be used to predict the outcomes of crosses.