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Diet and prostate cancer treatment

diet and prostate cancer treatment

But there is very little evidence that herbal remedies can help to treat prostate cancer or reduce side effects.
On the flip side, many foods may contribute to the development or spread of prostate cancer.Healthy individuals with a balanced diet consume about 11 mg of zinc daily.Diets high in fruits and copywhiz 4.0 activation key vegetables have been shown to protect against many cancers.A high-fiber diet rich in vegetables might be why Asian men develop prostate cancer so infrequently compared to Western men, a new study from the University of Colorado finds.Plus, fiber-rich eating could slow the progression of the disease, researchers say.Avoid flax seed oil.Additionally, clinical trials of individual selenium supplements in patients at high risk for prostate cancer or with localized prostate cancer have demonstrated no impact on disease progression, and even the possibility of increased risk for disease progression and mortality with high-dose supplementation.
Its important to tell your doctor about any complementary therapies you are using, including herbal remedies.
If you do choose to take supplements, dont take more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for each nutrient large doses could be bad for your health.
Powerful anticancer nutrients are being discovered regularly in colorful fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds.
Eat leafy dark-green vegetables frequently.
Consequently, this test should not be widely advocated until further validation with so-called hard clinical endpoints has been accomplished.Some people like to use dietary supplements or herbal remedies.Many individuals consume large amounts of supplemental zinc because of the possible health benefits that have been promoted by commercial interests.Research shows, for example, that men who consume a lot of red meat may be at higher risk for the disease.Studies with methylselenic acid have shown that similar biologic pathways are affected, but gene expression has distinct differences.88 Thus, there is no compelling reason to supplement with zinc for prostate health; the amount contained in the diet, with or without a multivitamin (usually the recommended daily allowance is normally sufficient).Variety in the foods you eat is important.The increased risk of prostate cancer with vitamin E began to emerge after only 3 years, and was found to be consistent for low- and high-grade disease typesso conceivably, the risk might have attained statistical significance if the trial had continued for several more years.Selenomethionine modulates transcript levels of genes involved in cell-cycle and apoptosis pathways, androgen signaling, signal transduction, and transcriptional regulation.Unanswered questions include the following: Does the measured level in serum reflect the tissue concentration?It also seems to lower testosterone levels.Clinical trials that evaluated the role of beta carotene and the risk of developing prostate cancer have indicated, in general, that the risk of prostate cancer is reduced in men with low serum levels of beta carotene who are treated with supplements.Instead, get your protein through fresh cuts of lean meats, beans, or legumes.