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Empire earth 2 map editor

empire earth 2 map editor

Berserkers - chuunibyou season 2 episode 4 inspire troops.
Several other minor changes.
The campaign and scenarios - Oreshek.
Modernization of the map generator - Elensul Heruambar.Correction of the English version of the mod - Shieldwolf.We have the opportunity to play at GameSpy, hamachi and Tunngle.13 New units 9 version you can find in game encyclopedia.11 Added new map 12 Added a new type of map generation.New boot screen at startup when you start the game and map editor.Siege equipment was very effective.9 Now when you start the single player or multiplayer will not show the original units, and by appropriate icons of the nation.Katafrakt - a very large parameter of life, but low speed.General types of ships: The Raft (1 period) Boat Galley Birema (the most powerful ship) Other types of: Galley with catapult - for fire coast.For some video cards may have to reduce, and other settings.
Expensive and long construction.
Horse Archer Horse skirmisher - throwing darts.
Heavy Onager catapults and efficient against buildings.
The icons, the English text - Michael34.
Elephants with towers archers Spartan hoplites.Game works properly only with LOW setting of Lighting Detail.Made line of the ships for 1-5 epoch, as well as icons and names.In 7 out of 10 cases - it is plain from the bays.For each country, made his officer-bearer, on the basis historical prototype.Russia, Greece and England have a unique marine units.Icons, ideas - e24ever, maps - LeVon Levoni The original game patch - DrMonaLisa Promotion of the project, English text description - ilih1997g Maps - ADM_RUS A team of testers: RGV1 Michael34 DarkElfe skif_89 androon-cool Dragon_ua Ivan12345 @ Uzer DrMonaLisa ADM_RUS NagvalRus Axel ilih1997g Special.No food slimfast, no iron girlyman, no rock mine your own business, planes refueled in mid-air friendly skies.Org, russian version: m or in, official site of mod: - English version m - Russian version, summary!For more information about mod found here: m, in Mod EE4 can play online.Sarissofor very long spear, attack range.10 New, more realistic surface texture maps for the tropics.Improved icons of existing units.