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Html code change font size and color

html code change font size and color

font /p /body /html This will produce the following result Previous Page Print Next Page Advertisements.
The basefont tag also takes color, size and face attributes and it will support relative font setting by giving size a value of plus;1 for a size larger or 2 for two sizes death on the nile full game smaller.
Another attribute you can add to body is text, which sets a default colour for any text not coloured by a font color tag.
So, youll want to change it to something more readable and nicer looking.This means that it should not be used anymore, since we have the vastly superior stylesheets at our disposal to format the text in our html pages.If you change the background colour to black and forget to change the text colour to something else, you will get black on black - bad idea.p h2 Example of the lt;basefont gt; Element /h2 p font size "2" color "darkgray" This is darkgray text with two sizes larger /font /p p font face "courier" size "-1" color 000000" It is a courier font, a size smaller and black in color.You do this by adding an attribute to the body tag, back at the beginning of the page.The range of accepted values is from 1(smallest) to 7(largest).The attribute is bgcolor, and it uses exactly the same colour code system as font color.CSS Example: Set the size of text.As before turn the whole thing off with a single /font.To change the colours of just a small block of text or an individual word, you have to use the old font tag again.Whatever you do, don't get too carried away with too many changes of c o l o.
Font Restrictions A particular font face will only appear on a readers computer screen if they have that font installed on their computer.
The advantage of combining a colour and size change into one tag is that you turn both effects off together with a single /font.
In the end, your choice of font size will have a lot to do with how much text is going to be on a page at a time.
Moreover, its just not necessary.The shopping cart I'm using just switched to Foundation and I'm using their theme, falco the dark guardian pdf so I have limited access to the css files.font font face"verdana" color"green" This is some text!Specifies the font of text size number, not supported in html5.To game pcsx 2 iso try and get around this, you can specify a list of different fonts separated by commas with the face attribute, instead of just one, and it will use the first one it finds a match for on the visitor's system.Relative Font Size, you can specify how many sizes larger or how many sizes smaller than the preset font size should.