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Low body temperature 96.6 degrees

low body temperature 96.6 degrees

However, after the stress has passed, the body is supposed to speed back up again to a normal temperature and vigorous good healthbut sometimes it doesnt.
Its easy to see how important body temperatures are to good health.
According to health experts, low-grade fever is caused due to the body's natural defense mechanism.That lets the air circulate more, and you can take off a layer before you start sweating if you get too warm.The underlying cause of fever can be mild, treatable or severe.This means that for a few days, the individual will suffer from low body temperature after fever.Youd think a cold, snowy mountain would be the setting for most deaths from low body temperature (hypothermia).Urinary Tract Infection - Infection in the urinary system, known as UTI, causes low-grade to high-grade fever in adults.Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Known as PID in abbreviated form, general knowledge 2014 pdf in hindi the pelvic inflammatory disease is caused due to bacterial infection in the female reproductive system.
Likewise, allergy causes fever in both children and adults.
All this is normal and often helpful.
Other associated symptoms of urinary tract infection are burning sensation during urination, frequent urge to urinate, and passing out bloody urine.
Also children under age 3 have more skin surface versus body massmore skin to take away the heat.
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If youve had hands-on experience with hypothermia or have any questions, please comment.
In case, the body temperature increases to 103 degrees F, take the doctor's advice at the earliest possible date.As fever temperature drops, the patient experiences increased sweating. Getting wet.Most people die in urban areasmany inside.Some experts suggest that it is the fast release of white blood cells and their attack against germs, which result in elevation of body temperature.Below are are a few examples.