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Pam-2100 portable chlorophyll fluorometer

pam-2100 portable chlorophyll fluorometer

At the end of each intensity step, fluorescence ratio parameters including Y(II) are games brothersoft super mario n64 assessed with the help of a saturation pulse.
While Y(II) decreases with increasing PAR, ETR first rises and then levels off at high PAR values.
The fast acquisition mode of the PAM-2500 enables recordings of rapid fluorescence kinetics with 10 s time resolution.
The same saturating light that serves for saturation pulses can also be used for measuring the polyphasic fluorescence rise kinetics.Polyphasic Fluorescence Rise Upon Onset of Saturating Light.With a dark-acclimated sample, four characteristic levels of fluorescence yield can be distinguished in a plot with logarithmic time scale: Fo, I1, I2 and Fm (alternatively also denoted O, J, I and P).All saturation pulse data are stored in a report file from where they can be exported to spread-sheet programs, like Excel,.g.In the given example, the intensity of red actinic light is increased stepwise every 3 minutes.For graphical display of light saturation curves.This type of kinetics provides valuable information on the properties of PS II and the state of its primary and secondary acceptor pools.
It may be emphasized that this high time resolution is achieved with pulse modulated signals.
Fitting a theoretical function (see black line) to the data points yields estimates for the alpha and ETRmax.
This means that the fast kinetics of fluorescence yield is measured and, consequently, that signal amplitudes from different experiments can be directly compared irrespective of light intensity and sample geometry.
Mini-PAM "Start"8MB mini-PAM, mINI-PAM PAM pAM(M-2000 yield)F/Fm' 2030-B(PAR ETR) mini-PAM(qP, qN,NPQ).
PAM - 2100, Walz, Effeltrich.
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