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With a view to realizing its objective, the cellco is said to have put in place plans to migrate its remaining second-generation subscribers to its 3G and 4G alternatives over the course of the next two years; it is understood..
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Phpmyadmin install ubuntu nginx

phpmyadmin install ubuntu nginx

Your MariaDB connection id is 2 Server version:.1.11-MariaDB-1jessie mariadb.
You should keep this generic so that unauthorized users won't gain any information about what is being protected.The OpenSSL suite, which should already be installed on your server, includes this functionality.The second prerequisite that must be fulfilled in order to start on this guide is to install a lemp (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP) stack on your Ubuntu.04 server.You will be prompted for your database administrator's password.We are preparing all articles in-depth to understand by all level/stage Linux administrators.Owner oup www-data To apply the changes we need to restart the PHP service: /etc/init.For the server selection, choose apache2.
To implement the changes you made, restart Apache: sudo systemctl restart apache2 Create.htaccess File Now that we have enabled.htaccess use for our application, we need to create one to actually implement some security.
Sudo service php5-fpm restart # Test if PHP is running or not.
PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites.
D/ nf, sudo nano /etc/php5/fpm/nf Find the line listen /var/run/ck, ;listen /var/run/ck and modify it to listen :9000.
Dpkg -l grep apache2* dpkg -l grep php5* dpkg -l grep mysql* dpkg -l grep phpmyadmin* 1) Install Nginx.
Confirm the root password for MariaDB.However, not all users feel comfortable administering their data from the command line.To create an encrypted password, type: openssl passwd You will be prompted to enter and confirm the password that you wish to use.This sony psp iso games UI exposes most of the functionality that is available from the MySQL command prompt.The big companies like (WordPress, facebook, GitHub cloudflare, etc.) using nginx.Finally restart nginx service sudo service nginx restart, step 2 : Install MariaDB!Choose a name that does not indicate the purpose of the location.However, we are not done yet.First open and add "p" file in the default server configuration as follows: After that include in a new section the lines below: Finally, we need to uncomment the appropriate PHP settings: Save and close the file.We then need to use a directive called auth_basic_user_file to point our web server to the authentication file that we created.