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Popsloader easy installer 6.60

popsloader easy installer 6.60

The screen should goes blank for a while, and the popsloader menu should be loaded after that.
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(black screen, freeze) Try the 'Original from flash' on pops menu, if it doesn't work, reconvert the games, and change its ID(if mentioned on the compatibility list and post it on the forum, someone might have a solution for you.
I'm not sure if I can download and test each of the firmwares.After it done, press X to exit - Plug your USB cable back, and there should be F0 folder in your memory stick root - That's all, refer back to the list and copy only the required files.On your XMB, go to games and run your PSX games.E.g x from.50 can't be used.20 pops, vice-versa.Again, to use other Pops version, download the official firmware, and do the dumping and copying process.Either one should be working, however most people found that v4g is a bit stable than v3, but I have been using v3 since then, no problem or whatsoever so your call.Popsloader files - which you can get from the link at the bottom, you should have modules folder, x, connectify hotspot full for windows 7 and.Download the.71 official firmware (link at bottom) dump the 'copyrighted' files using psardumper then, copy only the required files into the Popsloader folder (refer below, or check the readme.Copy new_psardumper folder into your PSP/game folder - Next, download the official firmware of your choice - Put it on the root of your PSP memory stick, it should be named eboot.Read the.txt file that included in the popsloader.
Well, lets move to the next one, and make sure you have dumped the files from the firmware you wanted to use, For starters, just dump one firmware, after you know how to do it, then you can proceed with the rest of the firmwares.
TXT are both placed.
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C - must be obtained from.01 (and place it on folder) x - must be obtained from.01 (and place it on folder) x - from any firmware common_x - from any firmware x - from any firmware x - from and placed.
And I assume you already have all the required files up to this point, refer back to the list if you haven't, and make sure you have these files two first : - c - x Put both files into /seplugins/popsloader/modules, where x and readme.
Sony's Files - this can only be obtained on your own, as these are 'copyrighted' files.How do I know which pops version should I use for xxxx game?You have done the first step, easy ain't it?PRO-C2 custom firmware - must have, since the loader only work on this CFW, haven't tested on ME yet, but it should be working in the same manner as well.the way to obtain these files is by using psardumper, - You don't have to copy all the files, only the required one - for example, x and x, so yeah, which Sony's files do I need?Then, copy the required files into the pops folder, which are folders in numbers, 302 until 639.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What is this?